This Is Me
Hey, y'all! I'm a shy geek from the rural midwest. There's no one around to geek out with, so I do that here. If you want to ask me anything, feel free.

Secret Avengers #7


did you know that hot mechanic AU’s are the most important? cause they are


Had some time over the weekend to do some just-for-fun drawing, so… Medusa!

I’ve been crazy about the Inhumans since I first saw them on the Fantastic Four cartoon in the 90s - Medusa was instantly my fave.  (Side note: did any of you guys have that Medusa action figure where her she stood on a moving platform of her hair?)  Currently loving Matt Fraction and Mike Allred’s take on her in FF.



Transparent Red Hood and Red Robin ready to rock and roll


I really hope cap 3 has a scene where sam’s shirt catches on fire and he has to rip it off because that was a really definitive part of brubaker’s cap run

Storm 002

Storm 002


fanart: chibi Captain America charges forward, with Winter Soldier riding on his raised shield and pointing his rifle. stucky by maxbbs

Batman Eternal #20


Kryptonian Cousins by Marcio Takara


Gamora by Gabriele Dell’otto


Storm #5 by myself ^ It’s a tribute to the cover of Wolverine #1

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